Another year has gone by…

Okay, welcome year 2017! I have big hopes on you… 😉

Christmas time was quite short this year, but anyhow really lovely and warm ❤
I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds during these past two weeks, with all the Christmas food, chocolates, cakes…you name it! 😀

For Christmas, I made more of those Christmas Rockyroads (if you remember from my last post), some Christmas tree-shaped meringues, different truffles, peppermint-chocolate cookies, gingerbread cookies, apple-cinnamon mousse cake, and also some cake for my friends.. 😉
Here is a Christmas overload of photos for you to check out:



Oh, they were all so goooooood….. I think I have still a few cookies left, maybe I could enjoy them this coming Friday to celebrate this Christmas time. 🙂

This New Year’s Eve was pretty calm and collected this year. My hubby and I were just home, we had a lovely dinner, and of course some Chocolate cake! 😉 At midnight we went outside for a walk to check out the fireworks in our neighborhood. It was actually a very relaxing way to spend New Year’s!
And to start off this year in a healthy way, I made us healthy smoothies to start with yesterday morning: Blueberry-cardamom smoothies with a hint of maca-root powder we got for Christmas. Delicious and healthy!


I wish you all a really happy and joyful New Year with lots and lots of good times with family and friends ❤ Happy New Year!

Christmas party!

December! Here in Finland the length of days vanishes during winter time. By this I mean that the hours there is sun light gets shorter and shorter. Now, the sun rises at 9.30 am and sets at 3 pm – there isn’t much sun light during the day!  😀
Personally, I survive this dark period of time with candles, woolen socks, and CHRISTMAS!

On the 1st of December, I give myself permission to start decorating our house for Christmas, and I can start listening to Christmas carols! Okay, sometimes this all starts already at the end of November, but who counts..?  😉

Traditionally, me and some of my girlfriends throw a pre-Christmas party at some point in December, where we eat, drink, talk, go to sauna, and build a gingerbread house. Well last weekend we had our party again. Eventually our evening started to turn late, so the gingerbread house operation was postponed to another evening. But here are some treats I made for this year’s party:

Rocky Roads with a Christmas twist:
I have wanted to try different variations for Rocky Roads with a Christmas twist: gingerbread, almonds, cranberries… Here is the outcome:
This recipe was super good and easy! I tried two versions, and the ones on the top were gluten-free. As the bottom, I used gingerbread, in the filling I had almonds, dried cranberries, cooked gingerbread and gingerbread dough. Can I just say, YUMMY! I’m definitely doing these for Christmas again! 😛

Gingerbread-Orange naked cake with Salted Caramel
The other treat of the evening was this cake:
My first naked cake, and it was a success! I used a gingerbread cake, orange buttercream, and some salted caramel inside (and on top when served on a plate  😉 ).
Our party was a success, everyone loved these sweets, they tasted like Christmas.  🙂
There are coming some more Christmas recipes this week, stay tuned..

Halloween pumpkins & mummies…

Halloween is a fun spirit lifter in this dark time of the year. Usually I have carved a traditional Jack-O-Lantern to light up, but this time I found an idea from a magazine to do a different pumpkin lantern.

Not so scary lantern this time…  😉
But now to the tasty part of Halloween!

This year’s Halloween treats were molded from chocolate, sugar, butter and more chocolate!  😀
First I made a really chocolate rich brownie batter, popped it into the oven and let it cool down. After this, I used an ice cream scoop to make round truffles (and I had to taste a few already to make sure the taste was ok  😉 ). The next step was to melt some white chocolate and dip these babies in it. Finishing up with decorations, and BOO! These brownie truffles transformed into mummies.
Have a great week everyone!  ❤

Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

Last Saturday I decided to execute my long-term dream: Making a cheesecake with cinnamon rolls!  😀

Okay, that sounded a bit silly, but hey, don’t we all have those super delicious dream desserts we have always wanted to try out? This was one of mine…

Basically the whole cake tastes like super moist cinnamon rolls with a custard used in Cinnabons. Pretty good I say! 20161015_162739480_iosThe base of the cake is cinnamon roll paste. On top of it comes the cheesecake mass with drops of the cinnamon roll paste and cinnamon-sugar sauce. Bake it in the oven for ~ 45 minutes and let it cool down. During this, you can make the frosting ready to be drizzled.

The cake was really tasty, my husband was really impressed how can the cake so well combine cinnamon buns and a cake!  😀

Definitely a cake worth re-baking. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the cake is gluten-free!
Have a great week you all!  ❤

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

I got a fun request from a former colleague, to make a Paw Patrol themed birthday cake for her 2 & 4-year-old boys. 🙂

At first, I had to find out what is Paw Patrol? 😀 After a short research I found out that it is a cartoon for kids where a group of puppies do different sort of rescues. A super short summarize…

So I started to think how would I like to make the cake. Something fun, colorful, and the Paw Patrol logo must be added. Here are some pictures of the cake:
20160924_072352666_iosIt came out so good! I was so happy of the result! I even got to use my new bone-shaped cookie-cutter.

For the cake itself, I used a chocolate cake batter with a fresh blueberry filling, and a smoother vanilla filling. I think the combination of these tastes really worked. After this I used plain whipped cream to smooth up the cake before the final coating.20160924_063618674_ios20160924_072316139_iosThis was a really fun project, I’m so full of energy after this one!  🙂 Have a nice week you all!

Baby Shower <3

My dear friend is having her firstborn in October and I am super excited! 🙂 On the first weekend of August, I had the pleasure to host her Baby Shower party at our place. The day was filled with laughter, friends, good food, and baby talk! 😀

Here are some photos of the shower:


baby shower_mocktail

baby shower_decor1


Belly cake_boy


I made my very first belly cake for the shower. It was interesting, but I think the outcome was great! Everyone was thrilled. I used a chocolate cake batter and a blueberry rich cream as filling. Yummy!

In addition to this cake I made Rocky Roads and Blueberry Muffins. All gluten-free!
We also had some cake-pops, candy, popcorn, salads, fruits, and a salmon-cheese pie.

We had some much fun, and the weather just pampered us! One happy godmother here  ❤

Have a nice week everyone!

Time for blueberries!

The summer time has gone really fast! My husband and I had the chance to enjoy some nice warm weathers during our mutual holiday. Now it is getting time to start thinking about work again! 😀

During our stay at our summer house, we noticed that the forest is literally FULL of blueberries and they are huge! Now our freezer is loaded with blueberries for the winter time. Of course, I had to try out some new recipes with blueberries in them. All of them were eaten before I even had a chance to photograph them, but the latest blueberry muffins I was able to capture in photos too.

These gluten-free and lactose-free muffins came out really soft and moist! Definitely a recipe to be used also in the future, maybe with a hint of cardamom added to the dough.



Aren’t they cute! 🙂

Ingredients used for Blueberry muffins:

– Gluten-free flour
– Buckwheat flour
– Baking powder
– Sunflower oil
– Eggs
– Sugar
– Vanilla yogurt
– Blueberries
– White chocolate, blueberries, lemon balm and violets for decoration
Have a nice first week of August!