Quiche Lorraine

Last week, I got a request for something salty to eat for 10 people. That got me thinking what would be something that is easy to eat, tasty, and fulfilling the craving for something salty.

I got quite a bit of ideas, but on top of my list came these little Quiche Lorraines!


Basically these are little pies with bacon and cheese. Simple and tasty, with these ingredients you can’t get it wrong… 😉

I often use a muffin pan to bake small delights (in addition to muffins and cupcakes). It also worked in this recipe.


quiche lorraines

Ingredients used in Quiche Lorraines:

– Butter
– Flour
– Smoky cheese flavored cream
– Bacon
– Eggs
– Pepper
– Graded cheese
– Parsley

On the next blog post, I’ll be making the traditional “Sima” for the celebrations on May 1st. 🙂