Another year has gone by…

Okay, welcome year 2017! I have big hopes on you… 😉

Christmas time was quite short this year, but anyhow really lovely and warm ❤
I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds during these past two weeks, with all the Christmas food, chocolates, cakes…you name it! 😀

For Christmas, I made more of those Christmas Rockyroads (if you remember from my last post), some Christmas tree-shaped meringues, different truffles, peppermint-chocolate cookies, gingerbread cookies, apple-cinnamon mousse cake, and also some cake for my friends.. 😉
Here is a Christmas overload of photos for you to check out:



Oh, they were all so goooooood….. I think I have still a few cookies left, maybe I could enjoy them this coming Friday to celebrate this Christmas time. 🙂

This New Year’s Eve was pretty calm and collected this year. My hubby and I were just home, we had a lovely dinner, and of course some Chocolate cake! 😉 At midnight we went outside for a walk to check out the fireworks in our neighborhood. It was actually a very relaxing way to spend New Year’s!
And to start off this year in a healthy way, I made us healthy smoothies to start with yesterday morning: Blueberry-cardamom smoothies with a hint of maca-root powder we got for Christmas. Delicious and healthy!


I wish you all a really happy and joyful New Year with lots and lots of good times with family and friends ❤ Happy New Year!


Midsummer cakes

Last weekend, we celebrated midsummer here in Finland. Usually the weather is really testing our nerves be being rainy, windy and cold! But.. This year, Finnish summer really showed the best of itself! It was such a beautiful weather during the whole weekend, sun was shining, it was over 20 degrees celsius. Perfect!

So what would be a better way to celebrate this, eating cakes of course! 🙂

I made three different cakes for the weekend, a raspberry-blueberry cheesecake, a strawberry moussecake and a blueberry cake. They were really yummy!

I’ll let the photos do the talking for now. Have a great week!