BBQ Birthday Party

We had an American BBQ themed dinner as a part of my father-in-law’s birthday party, we had some pretty awesome food: pulled pork and burger patties with some homemade Texas Roadhouse rolls. And of course all kinds of sides to go with them: coleslaw, mac’n cheese, sweet potato fries, bacon… you name it! 😛
And the dessert had to be part of the theme also – now was the perfect opportunity to test a Coca Cola Bottle Cake. This cake project was an interesting one, I’ve wanted to try it for a long time!
Remove the etiquette and the cap from the bottle and cut it in half. Wrap some foil on the upper part of the bottle where the cap was.20170807_191421672_iOS
Melt both black and dark brown candy melts and mix them up carefully. You don’t want the color to be uneven. 🙂
Start to pour the candy melt mix inside the bottle halves one at a time. Once a bottle half is fully covered place it in the fridge for ~ 10 minutes turning it a few times so the candy melts freeze up evenly. Repeat to both halves until you have used all of the candy melt mix. If the mix starts to firm up – you can melt it again.20170808_064406103_iOS
Freeze the bottle halves for a few hours or over night before starting to peel the plastic off.
The peeling is the tricky part. Unfortunately I didn’t realize to take any photos of this part – over nervous or excited? 😀 I used a sharp knife and scissors in the process.20170808_073205568_iOS
After the bottle halves are out of the plastic, you can staff them with your favorite cake stuffing. 🙂
Assemble the bottle halves, place the etiquette and cap back on, and voilà! You have your eatable Coca Cola bottle! 20170808_074252585_iOS20170808_172606542_iOS
This cake was a real “show stopper”. My father-in-law couldn’t believe it was a cake! Mission accomplished! 😉


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