Christening cakes (with recipe)

Spring and summer are clearly popular timing to have babies! 🙂 And why not, the weather here is nice, sun is shining almost all day long, and temperatures are more “humane”! 😀

I had the privilege to make cakes for a baby girl and a baby boy! 🙂 ❤ In both cakes the criteria was to make a cute cake with an animal cake topper. You can find the recipe for these gluten free cakes from the bottom of this post, but first – photo overload of these two cute Christening cakes:


Recipe: Gluten free – Strawberry Caramel Cake

This cake batter is really easy to make and remember the portions! Just decide how many eggs your going to use, depending how many mouths you are supposed to feed. 🙂 The basic idea is to use the same amount of everything. In this cake I used 6 eggs.

– 6 eggs
– gluten free flour
– potato flour
– sugar
– 2 tsp baking powder

Butter and flour up a baking tin ~ ∅ 22-24 cm. (I used flax seeds instead of bread crumbs.)
Heat up the oven to 175 degrees (celsius).

Take two same similar glasses on the table. Break the eggs into one glass. Then pour sugar into the other glass so that the amount of sugar matches the amount of eggs.
Pour the sugar into a mixing bowl. Now pour half-and-half gluten free flour and potato flour to the same glass where the sugar was. Match the amount again with the eggs. Add baking powder into the flour mix.
Pour the eggs into the mixing bowl with the sugar. Mix up until white and fluffy.
Add flour in small bits into the egg-sugar mix. When mixed up – pour into the baking tin.

Bake for ~ 45 min in 175 degrees. When ready, flip over and let it cool down.

For the filling:
– 300g fresh strawberries
– 300-400g Caramel condensed milk (how much you like to put)

– 200g strawberry puree (you can use also mashed strawberries!)
– 2 dl cream
– 100g plain curd
– 1,5 dl vanilla cream powder

The bottom layer of the cake has caramel condensed milk and sliced fresh strawberries on top of it. Easy and yummy!

For the upper layer, whip cream in a mixing bowl. Add curd and strawberry puree, mix up. Add vanilla cream powder to make the mix more firm. This way your filling doesn’t start to drip down from the cake! 🙂

If you want to moisture the cake before the fillings, feel free to do so! From my experience, the fillings also give the cake some moist, especially if you serve the cake on the next day.

If you want to top the cake with sugar mass, like I did in these two cakes, do this on the same day you serve the cake. Sugar mass starts to melt slowly on top of the cake, and it doesn’t look so fresh and clean on the next day. (Of course you can still eat the left over cake the day after the party… 😉 )

In the future, I am going to make more posts with tutorial instructions and recipes! So stay tuned everyone, and have a lovely week! ❤


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