It’s a girl!

A few weeks back I had the honor to host a Baby Shower party for my dear friend ❤
Their ultrasound had confirmed that it looks like a girl, and I got to throw a pink party! 😀
We had a table full of delicious food and sweets, as you can see below:
20170401_123544890_iOS (2)20170401_123708387_iOS

The main part of our shower was just to eat and enjoy each others company! 🙂 How ever we had two small party games for the mom-to-be and guests. First one was that every guest brought a baby or toddler picture of themselves, and the mom-to-be had to guess who is who. She did quite well! 😉
20170401_124825555_iOS (2)
The other task for the guests was to add their guess of the baby’s name and time of birth to little round pink papers and then add it to the photo frame:
20170427_085814755_iOS (2)
We also gave a gift card for a pampering session at a spa to our mom-to-be and some other small gifts for the baby. 🙂

While writing this post yesterday, I was thinking that that the baby must be coming soon! And actually, I got a photo in whatsapp, that the little baby girl was born yesterday evening. ❤


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