Christmas party!

December! Here in Finland the length of days vanishes during winter time. By this I mean that the hours there is sun light gets shorter and shorter. Now, the sun rises at 9.30 am and sets at 3 pm – there isn’t much sun light during the day!  😀
Personally, I survive this dark period of time with candles, woolen socks, and CHRISTMAS!

On the 1st of December, I give myself permission to start decorating our house for Christmas, and I can start listening to Christmas carols! Okay, sometimes this all starts already at the end of November, but who counts..?  😉

Traditionally, me and some of my girlfriends throw a pre-Christmas party at some point in December, where we eat, drink, talk, go to sauna, and build a gingerbread house. Well last weekend we had our party again. Eventually our evening started to turn late, so the gingerbread house operation was postponed to another evening. But here are some treats I made for this year’s party:

Rocky Roads with a Christmas twist:
I have wanted to try different variations for Rocky Roads with a Christmas twist: gingerbread, almonds, cranberries… Here is the outcome:
This recipe was super good and easy! I tried two versions, and the ones on the top were gluten-free. As the bottom, I used gingerbread, in the filling I had almonds, dried cranberries, cooked gingerbread and gingerbread dough. Can I just say, YUMMY! I’m definitely doing these for Christmas again! 😛

Gingerbread-Orange naked cake with Salted Caramel
The other treat of the evening was this cake:
My first naked cake, and it was a success! I used a gingerbread cake, orange buttercream, and some salted caramel inside (and on top when served on a plate  😉 ).
Our party was a success, everyone loved these sweets, they tasted like Christmas.  🙂
There are coming some more Christmas recipes this week, stay tuned..


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