Halloween pumpkins & mummies…

Halloween is a fun spirit lifter in this dark time of the year. Usually I have carved a traditional Jack-O-Lantern to light up, but this time I found an idea from a magazine to do a different pumpkin lantern.

Not so scary lantern this time…  😉
But now to the tasty part of Halloween!

This year’s Halloween treats were molded from chocolate, sugar, butter and more chocolate!  😀
First I made a really chocolate rich brownie batter, popped it into the oven and let it cool down. After this, I used an ice cream scoop to make round truffles (and I had to taste a few already to make sure the taste was ok  😉 ). The next step was to melt some white chocolate and dip these babies in it. Finishing up with decorations, and BOO! These brownie truffles transformed into mummies.
Have a great week everyone!  ❤