Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

I got a fun request from a former colleague, to make a Paw Patrol themed birthday cake for her 2 & 4-year-old boys. 🙂

At first, I had to find out what is Paw Patrol? 😀 After a short research I found out that it is a cartoon for kids where a group of puppies do different sort of rescues. A super short summarize…

So I started to think how would I like to make the cake. Something fun, colorful, and the Paw Patrol logo must be added. Here are some pictures of the cake:
20160924_072352666_iosIt came out so good! I was so happy of the result! I even got to use my new bone-shaped cookie-cutter.

For the cake itself, I used a chocolate cake batter with a fresh blueberry filling, and a smoother vanilla filling. I think the combination of these tastes really worked. After this I used plain whipped cream to smooth up the cake before the final coating.20160924_063618674_ios20160924_072316139_iosThis was a really fun project, I’m so full of energy after this one!  🙂 Have a nice week you all!