Time for blueberries!

The summer time has gone really fast! My husband and I had the chance to enjoy some nice warm weathers during our mutual holiday. Now it is getting time to start thinking about work again! 😀

During our stay at our summer house, we noticed that the forest is literally FULL of blueberries and they are huge! Now our freezer is loaded with blueberries for the winter time. Of course, I had to try out some new recipes with blueberries in them. All of them were eaten before I even had a chance to photograph them, but the latest blueberry muffins I was able to capture in photos too.

These gluten-free and lactose-free muffins came out really soft and moist! Definitely a recipe to be used also in the future, maybe with a hint of cardamom added to the dough.



Aren’t they cute! 🙂

Ingredients used for Blueberry muffins:

– Gluten-free flour
– Buckwheat flour
– Baking powder
– Sunflower oil
– Eggs
– Sugar
– Vanilla yogurt
– Blueberries
– White chocolate, blueberries, lemon balm and violets for decoration
Have a nice first week of August!


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