So the 1st of May is approaching and the Vappu celebrations are coming! I decided to take an early start by preparing the traditional Vappu-drink “sima” and trying out a new recipe for gluten-free, egg free and milk free buns.

Making sima is a tradition in my family. Our recipe is the best! 😉  This year I made a bigger batch, 20 litres all together.



And because it’s Vappu, there also needs to be some buns! I tried a new recipe that suits most being gluten-free, milk free, and egg free. The banana and raspberries gave a nice touch to the mixture. These buns came up nice and crispy on the outside and yummy and soft in the inside!


Ingredients used to make sima:
– water
– sugar
– brown sugar
– lemons

Ingredients for small buns:
– banana
– raspberries
– coconut milk
– gluten-free flour
– sugar
– sunflower oil


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