Easter delights

Okay, I got a little excited about Easter (and my new blog)! I decided to try also two new delights for our Easter celebrations; Cheesecake filled Easter eggs and Little Pavlova Nests.

Cheesecake filled Easter Eggs

I think the most challenging part of making these was to cut the eggs in shape. Luckily I had the best help for this from my hubby! Letting the eggs chill in the fridge before starting to cut them was a good idea.

The next step was to fill the eggs with cheesecake filling…


The filled eggs were again in the fridge for approximately 1 hour. After the filling set down, I added the “yolk”. These yolks were made using passion fruit and mango puree.


Ingredients used in Cheesecake filled Easter eggs:
– Kinder chocolate eggs
– Cream cheese
– Whipped cream
– Icing sugar
– Lemon juice
– Vanilla sugar
– Passion fruit
– Mango

And now to the other Easter delight recipe; Little Pavlova Nests

I remember eating some mini pavlovas in the summer with some vanilla filling and fresh berries. Those were really tasty, so I thought why not try an Easter version of them.

These cute ones have a chocolate layer inside and a whipped cream – mascarpone filling on top of it. For decoration I used my favorite little chocolate eggs and chocolate chips. Aren’t they adorable?


Ingredients used in Little Pavlova Nests:
– Egg whites
– Sugar
– Baking chocolate
– Whipped cream
– Mascarpone
– Chocolate easter eggs
– Chocolate chips



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